Missgrand International Khloem sreykea

Introduction of MissGrand-2017 Khloem Sreykea

Miss Grant International Khloem Sreykea
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Introduction of MissGrand-2017 Khloem Sreykea


I was born in the normal family as my parent is a vendor. I’m Khmer (Cambodia) lady who loyal, faithful and sincere. I love my country, my culture because Cambodia is the Kingdom of wonder, the kingdom which full of History and World heritages. I love to help people and happy to see they solve out from their problem.


Cambodia experienced and sufferers though many wars many year. My generation only knew about war stories through the books and mass media, so I know how worse the result of the war and violence. However I really would like to join and more passionate by each day with “Stop the War and Violence” campaign. We should start with the education. Raising awareness of how suffered pain of the war and violence. I believe that one of the most successful ways of stopping the war and violence should start with our children. Raising children to be tolerant and accepting of other religions, ethnicity, cultures and beliefs. Educate them with how to share their love with people around the world. We are the world, let bring the peace to the world for the next generation.