Slide Design

Slide Design

Slide Design
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I. Introduction to Slide Design

Take this short tutorial and learn how to use Microsoft Office PowerPoint to make a great-looking presentation quickly.

II. PowerPoint Slide Design: The Basics

With so many features and options, it is easy for those who are new to PowerPoint to spend more time choosing slide designs and effects (animation, sound, transition) than developing a clear message. This tutorial explains how to make a great-looking presentation quickly.

To help you get started, this tutorial will cover:
– adding slides;
– choosing a layout;
– adding text;
– adding graphics;
– applying a design template

III. Adding slides

When PowerPoint opens, there is only one slide in the show. It is up to you to add the rest. Add them as you go or several at a time, as you prefer.

In PowerPoint 2007 you insert new slides from the Slides section on the Home tab.

Tip: six slides are the magic number for short presentations and here is why: you want to stay within the time limit, deliver a clear message and keep the other members of your class and the teacher interested. Limiting a show to six slides (plus a title slide) helps you to focus your message.

IV. Choose a layout for slide contents

As you insert slides, think about how you want to arrange information on the slides. PowerPoint slides include one or more placeholders for titles, text such as lists or regular paragraphs and other content such as pictures or charts.

PowerPoint displays slide layouts to choose from each time you add a slide. A slide layout uses a specific combination of placeholders to arrange your information on the slide. For example, if you know you will have text on the slide and you also want a picture or graphic of some kind, choose a layout that has both text and content placeholders.

Make your best guess about a slide’s layout as you go; you can apply a different one later, though this can sometimes mean that you need to adjust the content.

In PowerPoint 2007 choose Layout from the Slides section on the Home tab.

V. Adding text

A text placeholder can contain a paragraph or a list (with numbers or bullets).

If you type more text than fits in the placeholder, PowerPoint uses AutoFit to reduce the size of the text to fit it all in. You can turn this behaviour off, if you prefer.

As you add text to your slides, remember:
– include only the main points; put additional details on the notes pages;
– do not overload a slide, or your audience, with too much text;
– say it with a picture, if you can.

VI. Adding graphics

Remember that a picture paints a thousand words. Graphical elements, such as pictures, charts, tables and video clips, can quickly communicate an idea to your audience.

You can discuss the important details of the graphic, instead of making your audience read about it. For example, instead of describing the emergency exits in your school, include a map that shows a route. Or use a pie chart with labels to illustrate the results of a local election. PowerPoint has tools to help you draw diagrams, create charts and graphs and draw shapes.

Any graphics you include should:
– relate to the topic
– illustrate a point;
– be large enough to see clearly

Before you add graphics or an image to your document, make sure that it makes sense in the context you are using it in and that you are not including it just because it looks good. Use graphics to

VII. Apply a design template

When you have decided on the text for your slide show, make the presentation more exciting by applying a design template. A template provides colour, style and decorative accents.

The design template determines the look and colours of the slides, including the slide background, bullet and font styles, font colour and size, placeholder position and various designs.

Apply a template at any stage of creating the show. If you decide later that you would rather use a different design template, you can apply another one. Use the Slide Design task pane to preview and apply a template.

In PowerPoint 2007 choose a design from the Themes section on the Design tab.

Slide Design
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VIII. Save your work

There you have it. You now know the basic steps for creating a PowerPoint presentation. One last detail—after you have created a presentation, remember to save it!