Preparing to presentation

Preparing to presentation

Preparing to presentation
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I. Introduction of Preparing to presentation

Preparing to Make a Presentation
You will be more relaxed and confident during your presentation if you spend time reviewing your notes for each slide and practicing your delivery.

II. Why Prepare?

As you get ready for your presentation, remember the following:
– review your notes for each slide;
– practise navigating;
– rehearse your delivery;
– time your presentation;
– make handouts for your audience.
Fortunately, Microsoft PowerPoint has tools to help you with each of these tasks.

III.Review your notes

When you create a presentation, you can use the notes pane on each slide to include the details that you want to present to your audience. As you prepare for your presentation, and while you are presenting, you can refer to the notes page to remind you of the important points you want to cover.

You can print out pages that show the slide and your notes. Refer to these notes while you practise your presentation.

IV. Practise Navigating

a. Practise

Practise navigating through your slide show. Remember that you might have to move backwards in your presentation if someone asks a question about an earlier slide or you accidentally skip a slide.

You can use the mouse and the onscreen arrows to move forwards and backtrack through the slide show or navigate by using the up and down arrows on the keyboard. Pick the navigation method that works best for you and stick with it throughout the entire presentation.

b. Rehearse your delivery

Rehearse your presentation enough times to feel comfortable with the material. It is important to practise giving your presentation from start to finish—out loud.

If possible, find someone to sit through your presentation and give you feedback. If you cannot find a practice audience, try giving your presentation in front of the mirror. You can also record your presentation to hear what you sound like.

V. Time your presentation

If you have a limited time in which to give your presentation, make sure you can present your information in the allotted time. If there is no time limit, keep your presentation short to ensure that people stay interested.

Time your presentation as you rehearse it and adjust the running time if necessary. PowerPoint can help you by tracking the time while you rehearse. To record the time, click Rehearse Timings on the Slide Show menu. The time for each slide is recorded and you will see the final running time when you reach the end of the slide show.

To record the time in PowerPoint 2007, click Rehearse Timings on the Slide Show tab.

VI. Make handouts for your audience

If you want to provide copies of your presentation to your audience, you can give them handouts—printed versions of your slides, which can include your notes.

It is a good idea to print a handout with notes for yourself, even if you do not need them for your audience. You can refer to it while you give your presentation.

Preparing to presentation
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VII. Relax & Final Advice

Now you are ready to give your presentation like a pro. Just remember to relax.